Our Privacy Policy



Privacy Policy in Poole mobile locksmith Poole Key Locksmiths Ltd use your personal data:

to verify your identity;

to provide emergency services to you;

to supply goods to you;

where we have a legal right or duty to disclose your information (e.g. in relation to an investigation by any legal  authorities or in any legal dispute(s).


Promotional Communications

Poole Key Locksmiths Ltd DO NOT undertake ANY electronic promotions.

We do answer your emails with regards to any works or quotations. Your email address and any personal data encompassed within any emails will be deleted and no printed copies made.


Do we share your data?

Put simply, NO!

We do not condone any sharing of personal data unless agreed with you before hand, which will always be discussed prior to anything being shared. We only pass data onto other local locksmiths who can perhaps help in other lines of work of which I do not undertake like vehicles. We also use other locksmiths when we get busy but only locksmiths who I know I can trust to be sensitive with any information I pass to them.

We do not hold your personal information for longer than necessary, only for the purposes set out in this Policy. Different periods apply for different types of data. The longest we would normally hold any personal data is 6 years.